Design Problem

To take an existing unsuccessful app and redesign it for a better user experience.

The Task

Pedal is an app for biking around Denver. This group project was done in a 2-week sprint, like that of Agile Development. The main goal was to redesign an old app with the user in mind. We were given a clunky, ugly, disaster of an app and challenged to make it into gold.

With a strong focus on real world feasibility and user experience, my team (featuring William Johnston, and Robert Fikes) dove head first into research phase. We ran through the current app numerous times, listed out all the features, found weird quirks and hiccups, noted the affordability, feedback, and signifier issues, and grouped features into different categories. We wanted to cut out the unneeded stuff, and beef up the features that would make an app like this shine.

The Problem

Denver is one of the biggest cities for biking, but it also has some of the most dangerous streets to bike on. There's a need for an application that can assist cyclists in finding a quick and safe route around town. The old application had more than a few issues. There were seemingly endless menus, odd quirks, useless features, and features that simply didn't work.
As we worked on this project, we often found ourselves asking if what we were making was necessary or if people would be better off using something like Google Maps. We had to make an experience that offered something better and different.

My Responsiblities

As a group, we analyzed the current app, listed out what worked and what did not work, and concepted a new idea. We followed that by wireframing, prototyping, and user testing. After the initial concepting stages, I primarily focused on user sign in, sign up, onboarding, and visual design / branding.

The Final Result

Clickable Prototype

The Old

It was rough and it cost a dollar.

What we found

The original app was essentially unstyled. The splash screen was a stretched bicycle icon. You could navigate to places where stolen bikes had been reported. Sometimes my language changed to Japanese. Buttons were very close together, and sometimes would overlap.


Explorations in branding the Pedal app.

Safety green

We picked the green color based on the new bike lanes popping up in downtown Denver. They are painted green to signify to riders that they are the safe bike lanes. Having the app use the same color green works to reinforce the concept of safety to the user. We chose to have a minimal and bold logo mark so that the rider's experience becomes the focus.

Final Screens

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